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China bans all Cryptocurrency Payments brands them illegal does that include China's own Shitcoin

Price analysis: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BNB, DOT, LINK, CRO, BSV, LTC. The Massive ajustment in the Bitcoin (BTC) Price following the news of the Chinese Goverment Crackdown on all cryptocurrencies except there own Shitcoin, this shows that the underlying sentiment and prejudice against Cryptocurrencies unless controlled by a Government or by Banks remains as strong as ever in the crypto field.

Banks Controling your lives by denying you Access to your own money in the name of fraud prevention.

AND NOW the £60 a year Bank account Charge you will have to pay or loose your account and access to your Money it's about Control

According to Resolver, people complaining their accounts have been frozen have hit record levels over the last two years. It's not unheard of for you the ordinary working person to have their accounts put on hold if their bank suspects fraud or money laundering, like paying money to a relative who dosent work, or paying to many bills at once hey you may be a criminal money laundering, but YES it's happening more often for transactions of £50 or less, its research has found. Another complainant told them that they had suffered a 13-week freeze on their account after three innocent transactions from a relative triggered a red flag - even though one was for just £50. The result is that people on low incomes are being left without access to vital funds for months with virtuall no help or support from their banks.

No account Charges with Qbit

With Qbit Crypto Currency there is No Control of your account once opened its yours for life, You are your bank the money is yours and all transactions are untracable and totally private, you dont have to declare anything to anyone. a small fee for any transaction no matter how large or small pay a bill pay a mortgage pay anyone who accepts Qbit Currency the Silver backed coin with user determined value the lowest it can ever fall is the spot price of silver per coin and you cant get Safer more secure and better value than that.

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Mastercard Moves to Accept Crypto Payments.
Mastercard merchants will have the ability to receive payments in cryptocurrency before the end of the year:

This Platform Will Disrupt the Market

QBIT Currency Silver Global Payment initiative Designed for a decentralized private and secure crypto payment space with Silver as its base value and safety of digital assets as a priority requirement, others cannot see your balances, or track your activities enabling Safe, Secure, payments to Merchant or friends and Family.

Justice Department sees a lawfull way to support Banks stealing your Money again

US charges bitcoin exchange founders over money laundering, Great shame the crooks in the Justice department What a Misnomer "Justice" couldn't see fit to charge HSBC and JP Morgan with Money laundering could they, but hey that would set a precedent of jailing all Bankers as thieves woudn't it and once a thief always a thief.

New Hedge Funds invest in Crypto Currency

More advisers clients crave crypto coins despite risks associated with the market, They see a growing form of acceptable currency with no responsability to corrupt governments intervention, Currency such as Qbit available for all to use with privacy inbuilt on the transaction platform .

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China Aims to Destroy the Cryptocurrency Markets it cant control

Bitcoin rallying from its biggest fall over the year after touching a record above $59,000 over the weeks and having been driven down to $23,688.18 by china's crackdown on Cryptocurrencies it has no control over, its current rise back to $50.000 Plus on exchanges cocks a snoot at china's attempt to control Crypto currency markets, China is now pushing it's own state owned Shitcoin in an attempt to block all other Crypto currency trading in china unless owned by the state.. All Chinese Citizens can use Qbit Silver as a Safe haven irrelevant of the Chinese government regulations.

This Platform May Disrupt the Market

Bitcoin futures and options sentiment held steady despite the BitMEX and Kucoin news, signaling a $30K bull run is near..

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